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Missed but not too late

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Care for Lupus SDF Awards

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Welcome to Syamsi Dhuha Foundation

Welcome to Syamsi Dhuha Foundation

30 September 2010

Syamsi Dhuha Foundation was born from an expression of love and the gift of the Most Gracious which unexpectedly come through a sickness. Pain is often regarded as a misfortune, however it also represents an expression of affection of the Merciful in the form of another. Not many people recognize the disease Lupus. Direct experience as a patient and being companion of the patient, are valuable experience to be shared not only to fellow sufferers, doctors, nurses, hospitals that are ... readmore

About Lupus

Understanding Lupus
In simple terms, a person can be said to suffer from the disease Lupus Erythematosus when the body becomes allergic to herself. Lupus is a term from the Latin word for ... readmore

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