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FINSa aims to raise public awareness about planning and financial management, fundraising charity, infaq / sadaqah and waqf (Baitul Maal) and utilizing the distribution for micro enterprise development. Activities performed:

Educate the public through the dissemination of books (available at the secretariat of the foundation):
How To Easily Manage Family in Islamic Finance FQ - Building a Financial Intelligence With Spirituality Values Trips to the World Investment Fund Family Financial Agenda.

Seminars and Training
FINSa can cooperate with various institutions and agencies to conduct public education on financial management through seminars and trainings. One institution that has worked is the Hijra Institute (links to websites HI: for the dissemination of books and training related to family financial planning.

Fundraising zakat, infaq / sadaqah and waqf
FINSa a division of Foundation Syamsi Dhuha in terms of raising funds will be used for operating activities and financing activities of the foundation of social and educational groups from the CFL, CFLV, viewers, and FINSa MEDISa own. Special funds will be channeled for charity mustahik entitled to priority on limited assistance for patients LoVi Odapus and friends who can not afford as well as on micro enterprise development to empower disadvantaged communities.

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